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main Features
  • Beverage vegetable At matcha tea
  • Very easy to prepare
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Sans lactose, guarantee without animal dairy products
  • Delicious scent natural of coconut, of matcha tea and of vanilla
The + product
  • Issue of the'Organic Agriculture, controlled traceability
  • Resealable kraft bag, airtight and light-tight: preserves all nutrients powder
  • Beverage healthy ready to use 100% plant-based 
Product characteristics

The benefits of matcha
Matcha literally means "powdered tea" in Japanese. Thus, unlike other teas, leaves of matcha green tea are not infused but finely ground in one very delicate powder, which is then mixed with hot water in a matcha bowl. The tea leaf is therefore fully consumed, which brings a quantity very important d’antioxidants to the organism. Matcha tea has many benefits for health, and includes in particular L-théanine, amino acid allowing reduction of mental and physical stress

A delicious and beneficial drink

The Matcha latte is a unique gourmet recipe inspired directly by Japanese tradition. It's a mix beneficial And antioxidant ideal for pampering your body and restoring whiplash.
Sana Gaïa Organic Matcha latte powder is the drink sans lactose perfect for a moment of comforting pleasure. Very easy to prepare, this plant-based drink combines unique and natural scent of matcha tea to the gluttonyfrom coconut. 
A deal delicate and a pretty green color for a drink energizing And delicious. The Matcha latte will very quickly become your favorite healthy drink, to taste hot or iced according to your desires !

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