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Our ideas for use:

  • White meats
  • Pisces
  • Desserts
  • Salad dressings
  • Sweet and savory marinades
  • Chutneys (almost all of them!)
  • Jams: mango, passion fruit, pear, peach, raspberry, black cherry, blueberry...

Tips for using powdered ginger:

The ginger powder is to be sprinkled in small touches, always at the end, on the plate or at the very end of cooking.

In savory cuisine:

  • The ginger goes perfectly with all meats, often white: poultry, pork, veal, lamb
  • With fish, shellfish
  • Certain vegetables like zucchini...
  • Marinades, sauces for salads and raw vegetables, mayonnaises in a device containing crème fraîche and egg as for certain quiches, certain gratins, etc.

The list is so long! But when you cook, we invite you to ask yourself: "Rather pepper? Or ginger ? A bit of both?”

So that your sprinkling is fluid and homogeneous, we advise you to add a few grains of salt to your ginger powder.

In sweet and savory cuisine:

The the ginger will be your best ally. Use it to energize sweet and sour sauces based on honey, soy sauce to glaze chicken drumsticks, or duck breast.

In sweet cuisine, cocktails and drinks

Sensations of pleasure are greatly present including the ginger powderin our desserts. To make the dusting smooth and even, you can add a few grains of sugar to your powder.

  • Add a little ginger on your fruits, on pies, jams, fruit salads, baked fruits, compotes, tea...
  • Incorporated into chocolate it exudes a ganache...
  • Added to a cocktail (even without alcohol), the aroma of your cocktail will be increased tenfold!
  • Ginger is used in the making of certain beers: ginger-beer, ginger-ale

Jams: you will add your ginger at the end of cooking. Remember that the aromas of ginger strengthen when cooled and during the 4 to 5 days following the sterilization of your jams. So... take it easy on the dosage ;)

Ginger: fresh or dehydrated, what to choose?

The ginger has been cultivated for several thousand years. Not to be confused with Ginseng. It brings warmth to the palate and freshness with light and delicate aromas of lemon zest.

How to use powdered ginger?

Certainly, the ginger powder is one of the essential spices in cooking. It will keep for many months without any problem. THE ginger powder is essential for preparing biscuits, shortbread, cocktails, English gingerbread, pastries... Softer than fresh, it will therefore be easier to slide into the kitchen. It is very easily added to sauces by a light sprinkling. Perfect for spicing up your marinades, especially with soy sauce.

OUR ginger powder is very fresh: very fragrant, almost fruity, its appearance is a little velvety.

La Cuisine des Epices loves and is crazy about this spice, which is part of our daily cooking. We are well versed in the use of dehydrated ginger powder.

How to use fresh ginger?

The fresh ginger starts with a good purchase, it is important to find pretty rhizomes, as fresh as possible: rather plump, juicy, not too crumpled and wrinkled; ideally, your rhizome should not be too stringy... But that's a bit of luck because you will notice it when you cut your rhizomes. THE fresh ginger can be used grated, mixed, marinated...

The dose (fresh or dehydrated) always depends on each person's palate: sparingly, a little, a lot, passionately... A rhizome bought dried in the fruit and vegetable section will be difficult to peel, difficult to work with, and will leave you with a significant volume of loss.

As noted in several of our texts, once again, we will not address therapeutic uses.

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