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Diadermine Soothing Toning Lotion Ph5 200 Ml

Diadermine Soothing Toning Lotion Ph5 200 Ml

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If you have sensitive or dry skin that is easily irritated, Diadermine soothing tonic lotion Ph5 200 Ml is the care you need. This product gives it firmness and resistance.

A moisturizing and protective lotion

When the skin lacks hydration, it is often the victim of various disorders such as dermatitis or eczema and reacts very quickly and negatively to external aggressions.
To remedy this, Diadermine soothing tonic lotion Ph5 200ml provides it with essential nutrients such as Provitamin B5 and dermolipids.
Provitamin B5 limits the phenomenon of skin dryness (loss of water) and calms irritations. In addition, it promotes cell renewal. Result: your skin is more supple and smooth.
Dermolipids, for their part, participate in the protection of the skin as well as its hydration. In this way, you can leave your home even in summer or in the middle of winter without risking the sun's rays or the extreme cold affecting your face.

A cleansing lotion

Diadermine soothing tonic lotion Ph5 200ml also cleanses the skin. It acts in depth to eliminate all forms of impurities. Combined with the action of Provitamin B5, this property gives you blemish-free skin.
On the other hand, the pH5 is quite suitable for cutaneous use. Indeed, the pH of the skin is slightly acidic (between 5 and 6) to ensure its protection against various harmful bacteria and this product respects this well.

How to use Diadermine soothing tonic lotion Ph5 200ml?

First, it is very important to remove your makeup and wash your face. Then, thoroughly dry your skin by dabbing very gently with a soft, clean towel. Finally, soak a cotton ball with a medium amount of the product and apply it. For guaranteed effectiveness, perform the operation in the morning after your shower and in the evening before sleeping.

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