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"WHITE SECRET" Anti Dark Spot Lightening Range With Fruit Acid Results 5 Days

"WHITE SECRET" Anti Dark Spot Lightening Range With Fruit Acid Results 5 Days

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The White Secret range has lightening properties thanks to Glutathione, also facilitates the cleaning of impurities contained in the cells of the skin.
For your makeover, this range includes: body milk, soap, serum, face cream, oil and a specific cream.
With the Secret Range, your skin will regain the desired radiance and softness, this range includes five products necessary for your makeover.

THE WHITE SECRET SERUM whitens your skin, helps eliminate redness spots, impurities on all parts of the body, treats black marks on the skin.

THE SOAP enriched with Glutathione cleanses the skin in depth, it eliminates dark spots and gives a clearer and luminous, more even complexion

LE LAIT Extra whitening with collagen and essential oils will leave your skin clearer, younger, softer to the touch and perfectly hydrated for a fresher skin.

THE White Secret FACIAL CREAM goes well with this range to soften your face.

THE SPECIFIC OIL AND CREAM White Secret combines with milk to soften your skin, this range eliminates certain imperfections on the skin while lightening.


Apply all over the body morning and evening on well-washed skin.

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