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Slimming TEA Weight Loss Fat Burning -

Slimming TEA Weight Loss Fat Burning -

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This weight loss herbal tea will allow you to lose up to 5kg over a period of 4 weeks. For better efficiency, it is recommended to have a balanced diet and regular exercise such as walking, swimming, cycling, etc.

Made in Thailand by the German Herb Thai and co. brand, Sliming Herb is an herbal tea made exclusively with natural ingredients without colorings or preservatives.


Usage tips : 

Leave one sachet to infuse in a cup of cold water when you get up and one hour before going to bed.

Sliming Herb should not be used for more than 3 months and should not be infused in hot water.

Weight loss tea should not be used in children.

On the other hand, Sliming Herb is suitable for both women and men wanting to lose weight.

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