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The Kigelia africana, Does this mean anything to you? This tree, the kigelia africana or sausage tree, is astonishing! Indeed, what makes it original is when it is covered with fruit. You can, in fact, observe hundreds of “sausages” hanging from long stems. This tree has something to surprise you…

Let's not waste time and find out what this product hides from us.

Discovering kigelia africana

Kigelia is a fast-growing semi-deciduous tree that can reach a height of 18 meters. It has smooth, grayish bark and a compact, rounded crown. Its fruits are rigid and have an impressive size.

This generally grows in tropical environments, particularly in several countries such as Ivory Coast or Togo.

Used widely throughout Africa, kigelia is a flagship product in the African pharmacopoeia. Indeed, it is renowned for its therapeutic virtues, which make all the difference.

Discover the surprising benefits of kigelia 

For many centuries, the benefits of kigelia have persisted. So let's see them together.

  • An aphrodisiac treatment:

In the form of powder or oil, this natural remedy is used to eliminate problems related to male sexuality. In other words, it is a product that boosts a man’s sexual abilities.

Then, for women, the oil helps tone and firm the breasts and buttocks. Indeed, the fruit of this tree contains sterols. They are found in particular in women's hormones responsible for the development of the chest and buttocks.

  • A skin toner:

This treatment is highly recommended for sensitive skin and atopic-prone skin. In fact, it helps firm skin tissues and contributes to good skin tone. It also has soothing properties for very sensitive and delicate skin. It also fights against rapid aging of the skin and against free radical effects.

In addition, women also use it for their hair care, because the product stimulates growth and firms hair.

How to use kigelia africana?

You can use this product as appropriate depending on the finished product you choose.

If you opt for capsules, all you need to do is use them as indicated on the instructions.

If you choose the powder as we suggest, you can sprinkle it directly on your food or dissolve it in milk.

And if you opt for oil, you can apply it directly to your skin.


Like all natural remedies, Kigelia africana should be used with caution. In addition, it is necessary to have a healthy lifestyle to see results.

Regarding problems related to sexuality, you should know that they can have a medical cause which sometimes requires consultation with a professional.

Finally, this natural product cannot replace medical treatment. This is why it is recommended to seek the advice of a specialist before using it.

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