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main Features
  • Rich in proteins
  • Rich in fibers
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Helps maintain a normal glucose level in the blood
The + product
  • Issue of theOrganic Agriculture, controlled traceability
  • Resealable and opaque bag: preserves all nutrients powder
  • High source energy
Product characteristics

Sana Gaïa moringa powder, a privileged source of energy
The benefits of moringa are numerous, it is particularly particularly rich in antioxidants : vitamins A, C, E, (and many polyphenols). This superfood also has a very high fiber and protein content. These proteins also contain all the essential amino acids, which is very rare for a plant source. Moringa leaf powder has exceptional calcium content which has the property of being very well assimilated by the body. It is therefore the ideal ally for vegans, vegetarians or anyone wishing to reduce their consumption of animal proteins and dairy products of animal origin.

Moringa powder from the leaves of the tree also called "tree of life"
Able to quickly reach 10 meters in height, this particularly robust and resistant tree from India has a great ability to adapt. It has therefore been given numerous names over the decades. Possessing high regenerative properties, it is notably called "nébédaye" in Senegal or "néverdier" in France in relation to the English expression "never die" meaning "never dies".

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