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Beetroot is a vegetable with multiple benefits. You can use it in several forms and above all, keep it for a long time. Available in powder form, it can be used in cooking or in cosmetics, due to its numerous properties. Discover this raw beet powder.

What are the benefits of raw beet powder?

Raw beetroot powder is both delicious and sweet. You can use it in all recipes (sweet or savory), because it adapts easily. Containing antioxidant characteristics, it fully contributes to your good health.

Raw beet powder is an organic superfood. To this end, it provides enormous benefits for the body.

Furthermore, if you do not use sugar, you can use raw beet powder in your culinary habits. This will lead to better health for you. It will give color to your receipts and your life will be fulfilled. Beetroot powder is a great ingredient with lots of health benefits.

How to use it ?

To use raw beetroot powder, you need to follow steps. For 300 ml of liquid, you should use 2 teaspoons of raw beetroot powder. You can use it in different drinks: hot milk, hot chocolate, milkshake or even smoothie. It will give more taste and color to your preparations.

With its sweetness, it will make all your desserts delicious. You will therefore only have to add 2 teaspoons directly to your preparations to enhance them. Whether it is pastries, pastries or even mousses, it contributes to reduced sugar consumption. However, it is advisable to rehydrate the powder before use.

For your salads and any egg dish, you can sprinkle them directly with beetroot powder.

So ! You know everything about raw beet powder. Enhance your meals and be healthy!

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